Brazil is the country with the greatest fauna and flora biodiversity in the world. Our country owns one of the biggest freshwater reserves of the planet and also one third of all tropical forest existent. The many biomes and climates found in our vast territory allows many species to live together in harmony. At the same time we also present scary numbers of extinct animals or at risk of extinction, specially caused by human irresponsable intervention. Coincidence or not, we notice that same violence with bodys that deviate from conservative social patterns of the human species. At Animalia Ball we won't allow any kind of oppression and violence like that. In here we celebrate life, bodies and freedom in all its forms! Let’s show the world the power of diversity in Brazil and Latin America!



  • Participants of all categories must be dressed according to the theme of each category. Those who have costumes that do not fit into the theme of their category, will be chopped.

  • It’s not allowed the use of any skin, hair or feathers of real animals. Be creative to represent the animals in a different way.

  • During the performance it’s not allowed the use of any cutting materials, inflamables, guns, fire, water or anything that disrupts or endangers your performance or the other participants. Whoever does this will bke CHOPPED and kicked out of the Ball.

Virgin Vogue OTA: Mico-Leão-Dourado [Golden lion tamarins]

Originally found in Mata-Atlântica, the golden lion tamarin stands out for the vibrant colors of its fur, golden, red and orange. He is a born climber, who lives by the tops of the trees and makes anyone gape with such beauty and cuteness. But don’t be fooled! This little primate has become one of the main Brazilian symbols of conservation, endurance and survival, fighting extinction for almost 50 years.

  • This category is for everyone that haven’t still taken a risk at a ball and/or feels insecure in other performance categories. Here all is valid in the performance: old way, new way or vogue fem. The important is that you choose a style and sticks with it until the end.

New Way: Cobra-Coral [Coral snake]

Known as the snake that possesses the strongest and most lethal venom in the world, the coral snake owns the most dangerous poison for humans. With its rings varying in red, black and white in very vivid tones, the snake is capable to hypnotize anyone with it’s contortions. Thanks to its flexibility, spine extension, complex musculature, skin and scales, it moves on the forest floor, sand, under the trees and even in the water.

  • Here is the moment to show all of your technic with the lines and boxes from New Way associated with the flexibility and fluidity of the movements, hypnotizing the judges and the crowd! Just don’t miss the beats ;)

Bizarre: Porco-Espinho [Hedgehog]

The brazilian hedgehog is a mammal covered by small pointed spikes, in the colors yellow and white, that blends with the darker coat of the rest of the body. When threatened, this small mammal rolls over itself, transforming into an impenetrable spiked ball! Curiosity: it's the tail that allows it to hold in the tree branches to move and look for fruits.​

  • For this category the jury will be looking for the most BIZARRE look of all. Be innovative, exaggerate and surprise everyone. Here it will count your interpretation, the incorporation of the theme and the gradiosity of the costume.

Non Binary Performance: Sapo-Garimpeiro [Frog]

Found in the dense and powerful rainforests, the frog (garimpeiro) owns the most intense, varied and vibrant colors, going from black with green spots, light blue and yellow stripes. This little amphibian is quite showy, has sharpened vision and is able to successfully and wisely capture their prey.

  • Vogue Fem category, for all people who consider themselves as non-binary gender. This category is new in this years ball and we believe that will take the house down.

Female Figure Performance: Água-Viva [Jellyfish]

Both wonderful and dangerous the jellifish is one of the most beautiful, weird and mysterious creatures on Earth.  Existent for more than 650 millions of years, it is present in the brazilian coasts mainly during the summer. There are thousands of different species and almost all of them have a transparent body with beautiful and threatening tentacles. Also known as medusa (the mythological creature with snakes in the place of the hair) it can vary greatly in size and when it’s threatened gives a very powerful hook, with a poison capable of paralyzing any living being. Our tip: DO NOT TOUCH!

  • Vogue Fem category for the most girly girls at ballroom.

Best Make: Papa-Vento (Camaleão Brasileiro) [Brazilian Chameleon]

Also known as fake chameleon, the brazilian “papa-vento” is a reptile capable of changing its colors to adapt in many situations or camouflage in the jungle. Its eyes work independently and with its ability to remain immobile it becomes an observative pray and very hard to catch. ​

  • The chameleon here in our ball can transform in any other animal. For this category we will be evaluating the best artistic makeup of the night. The most important is the representation of any amazing and beautiful animal from planet Earth.

Butch Queen Performance: Urubu-Rei [King vulture]

This majesty of the forest is three times greater than any other species of its genus and is found throughout the Brazilian territory. With head colors that range from red, orange and yellow, it stands out from the rest. There’s no way to compete with him: he is always the first to arrive and the other animals only approach the hunt after he has left.

  • Category for the feminines of the scene. Come with the drama or the soft and cunt… anyway, gotta show you came to take the prize home!

Hands Performance: Viúva-Negra [Black widow - spider]

Of brilliant black color and with a huge red hourglass shaped mark in its abdomen, the spider black widow is by far one of the  most poisonous of the world. As if this wasn’t enough it still has a very unusual feature: the female of this species usually kills and feeds on the male after intercourse.

  • Tell us a story with your hands: you can’t move the rest of the body! What really counts here is the impressive moves of wrists and fingers.

Realness with a Twist: Caterpillar/Butterfly (metamorphosis)

There are endless species of butterflies in Brazil, each one with more incredible colors and characteristics but there is one thing that they all have in common: an amazing life cycle. Like moths, they all begin their life as caterpillars, some poisonous, some completely harmless. When they reach a certain stage, they weave their own cocoons, where they stay in total rest for up to a month, preparing for the new phase they will face: the metamorphosis. When they are 100% ready to start over, they break the walls and open their beautiful wings toward freedom.

  • In this category we want to see the participant capacities of flowing naturally from the masculine realness to the most feminine vogue fem! The 10’s will be evaluated by the realness coupled with vogue performance and in the battles break everything with vogue fem!

Comentator X Comentator: Jacaré-de-Papo-Amarelo [Yellow Goiter Alligator]

Measuring up to 3.5 meters in length and able to live to 70 years, the “yellow goiter” alligator can be found in several South American countries. Unfortunately, due to hunting, deforestation and pollution of rivers, this giant reptile, owner of one of the strongest bites in the world and the tail in the shape of a saw that can isolate anyone far away, is on the list of Brazilian animals in extinction.​

  • Alert for unreleased Vogue Fever category! With the beat in the background, we want to see you drop the verb! Here counts rhythm, metrics, voice and mainly CREATIVITY! "Imma read this bitch.."

Face: Beija-Flor [Hummingbird]

Have you notice that some birds have plumage that seem to reflect the colors of the rainbow? This phenomenon called iridescence is an optical illusion which causes us to see changes in the blue and green colors of some animals. Besides that, the hummingbird, is one of the birds with the fastest wings in the world, capable of remaining completely motionless in the air. Impossible not to be impressed with the beauty of this magic being!​

  • This category is to consecrate the most beautiful and passionate face of Vogue Fever. Conquer the jury with your beauty, charisma and sympathy!

Old Way: Boto-Cor-de-Rosa [Pink river dolphin]

The biggest fresh water dolphin in the planet, found in the brazilian rivers Solimões and Amazonas, had for many years its existence protected due to legends and superstitions. Today, there is a risk of entering the hall of brazilian animals in extinction due to the hunting of their meat for bait. Because of its rosy coloration it’s better known here as pink-boto, and is still considered one of the country's most beloved and legendary animals.

  • We wanna see you POP DIP & SPIN!

Tag Team Runway OTA: Arara-Azul/Vermelha [Blue macaw/Red macaw]

Standing out for beauty, size and behavior, Brazilian macaws are always threatened with extinction due to hunting, clandestine trade and deforestation. The blue macaw is one of the best-known birds in Brazil, beeing recognized by its colors and vocals, that can be very strident, even imitating human sounds!​

  • This category will happen in PAIRS. To get the 10’s both participants should walk together. For the battles the runway will be done separately. Your partner doesn't need to be from the same city or the same house, but it’s very important to know that one person on the team must represent the RED MACAW and the other the BLUE MACAW. Otherwise: CHOP!

Fem Queen Performance: Onça-Pintada [Jaguar]

Owner of the largest feline title in the Americas, it occupies the top position in the food chain. The jaguar, both feared and admired, bears the name in allusion to its yellow-gold fur with spots and rosettes. It is a crepuscular animal, capable of capturing a huge range of other species. In addition to serving beauty from the beginning to the end of your life, the jaguar is a great indicator of environmental quality. It is an emblematic species of the Brazilian forests, becoming an important symbol for the actions of environmental conservation.​

  • Category destined exclusively for the wonderful queens of the ballroom, trans women and transvestites, our beautiful Fem Queens! Open space for these beasts, because we already know that this category will be fire!


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